MDT3780GVM-UPGRADE-(TOYOTA-70-SERIES)Multidrive 3780kg GVM Upgrades

The MDT3780 is a proven solution to upgrade the GVM on the Landcruiser 70 Series, used throughout Government, Mining, Power and other industries.

In addition to upgraded leaf packs, the MDT system incorporates a 2 stage coil spring assembly. This provides the overall load carrying capability while maintaining a smoother ride when empty.

Fully ADR Certified, the upgrade also allows for an extra 60Kg on the front axle while not exceeding Toyota’s overall axle loading capacity.

1. 2 x Lower Bump Stop Assembly (drive & pass)

2. 2 x Upper Mounting Plate (drive & pass)

3. 2 X MDT 3000 Coil Springs

4. 4 x U-Bolts (tighten to 142 Nm)

5. 2 x Bump Stop Insert

6. 2 x Shock Absorbers

7. 2 x Upgraded MDT Spring Packs  (drive & pass)

20140603_101526 gvm